Welcome to Ctrlable.
by WaveSquare LLC

Real system integration that simply works,
Home automation enhanced! 

What we do

Ctrlable specializes in multiple system integration to achieve absolute control, monitoring, energy saving and comfort .

CTRLABLE is an innovative, high-scale company specializing in the provision of personalized automation and control solutions in everyday living.

Simply put, this allows our customers to remotely control, monitor and automate virtually any device at home or office automatically with quality products in partnership with many technology companies.

We believe in an easy life, so we make life easier, better and livable by providing automated solutions for our clients who seek comfort in their daily living.

Ctrlable provide an ever-expanding eco-system of devices which is capable of working together to make home or business smart and swift. 

We are endowed with a team of professional integrators to perform the transformative benefits of the smart and connected home that produce peace of mind, convenience and an efficient environment that’s safe and comfortable. 

The most flexible automation system for responsive dwellings. Basing alternative open-source ideas and getting involved with amazing out-the-box engineers thinkers Ctrlable is one of the best option to achieve what We called "Autonomous Living"
Ron Luna

Our Mission

Is geared towards constant delivering of a sophisticated, pleasing, smart and cost-efficient way of automating and controlling security, music, video, lighting, energy and many more with a snap throughout the entire home or business place.

We understand that customer demand could extend beyond the home or offices, so we open up new possibilities for control and automation of business centers and companies. 

Ctrlable was established in June 2014 with an aim set towards ensuring the provision of sound home automa- tion which is quickly becoming the wave of the future as we incorporate flexible security, climate, and household gadgets into a complete smart device.

Our goal is to make advanced products that are easy to use, inventive, and future-friendly, so that our customers can have a rest of mind as they enjoy advanced technology for years without fear.

Some of the systems We work with