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Welcome to the world of house automation

Convenience and luxury become one with custom systems that control audio/video, lighting, security, HVAC and more.


Convenience and luxury

Convenience and luxury become one with custom systems that control audio/video, lighting, security, HVAC and more through an elegant, intuitive interface. Designed to satisfy the most demanding clientele, Ctrlable is design to integrate seamlessly into living space and can be as diverse as the people who live in them.


Design meets technology

Seamlessly integrates with comfort, security, and productivity.


Entire control at your fingertips

The control of your entire home is simply a tap away…


Leave home keyless…

carrying keys on you is a thing of the past. forget about losing keys and the locksmith.


Your pool talks to you

Pool cleaning cycles are sarted automatically or manually started from the palm of your hand. no need to stop by that bring area of the house anymore.


Surveillance at all times

Know whats happening around… no more being blind around your home


Creating a virtual precense has never been easier with ctrlable.

Ctrlable adds the magic touch to your life by automating your world.


Smart window convering

Your Window covering get a mind of their own with ctrlable.

About Us

Ctrlable, Specializes in the technological improvement of residential and commercial industries  by integrating systems , increasing efficiency, decreasing operational cost. We are always on top of the latest technology. Always looking for improvement, using all available resource at it’s best. Showing the customer what’s available and convenient but not often advertised or reachable to them. Offering ideas and solutions that will ensure efficiency increase on the solutions runs. Proprietary or closed technology environments are unsustainable models in today’s market. Integration and flexibility is the right path to grow and stay alive throughout the years and is our core when selecting technologies to work with thus allowing to develop our products and software solutions that would go through the years and adapt to technological improvements the industry might offer.

##Head office

4100 NE 2nd Ave Unit #304

Miami Design District FL 33137

Email: info@ctrlable.com

Phone: +1 (305) 600 2711

##Authorized Dealers

###Calligaris Store Av. Frente al Cruce, Calle Leon Cortes,

San Rafael De Escazu 10203, Costa Rica

Email: info@ctrlable.com

Phone: +506-2288-9154


Calle 50, Edificio el Tornillo,

Panama city, Panama

Email: info@ctrlable.com

Phone: +507-202-7920

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##Planning & Design Our team will guide our customer in selecting the most convenient products in areas where technology gets involved.

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##Project Implementation After all the project information has been defined our team will proceed to create the proper drawing guidelines and instructions to follow for each of the services that has been selected by the customer.

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##Installation Our Project Management abilities help ensure that our automation system installations are smooth, problem free, and well-designed. Our installers will spend whatever time that is required to ensure a smooth home automation installation process - one that helps you enjoy your smart home with all it’s integrated systems that much sooner while also minimizing the need for future service calls. Ctrlable can execute the installation of all its services or it can be pass on to local installers that the customer may want to use.

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##Progamming This is where the magic happens, the stage where all the different services gets combined and start to work together for you and provide the experience full of comfort and simplicity. We will collect as much information as possible from the client to build a unique user interface to exceeds your needs.

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##Support After the installation, configuration and programming is completed. Ctrlable will continue to support and improve the system. Providing upgrades and check-up calls as well as offering any possible enhancement the client wishes. Some request could be done remotely and some other would require a physical visit.


The key to controlling everything, from your Lights, Thermostats, Appliances, Sound system or even your bathtub water temperature, is the Ctrlable Brain – The mastermind behind that makes it possible. Ctrlable integrates technologies such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, RFID,RF, IR, Bluetooth, Wifi/IP and more and blends them into one thus allowing devices such as: Your TV, Your Audio System, Your Air Conditioning, Your Lights, Your Pool, Your Irrigation System, Cameras, Alarm and much more to talk to each other and can be control by your mobile device from the palm of your hand. Our solution most important factor is it scalability and flexibility to adapt to future changes as technology shapes our lives so quickly and ctrlable will keep up with those changes. Allowing new brands and products to be part of our ecosystem without limiting our users to what was compatible in the past.


Another common mesh network of different devices that operates on different frequency.


Is a mesh network of different devices where the more that come into place the stronger the network becomes


Key Fob and other devices play a big role in securing your area which often are performend in our systems.


Most automation devices operate on radio frequency signal and in differents bands and protocols which many are welcome .


Some near field comunication devices can be part of your setup when using our system.


Most automation devices operates using internet protocol (IP) through wired or wireless connections and fairly common to integrate in your system


Infrared devices such as, TV, A/V Receivers, Mini Splits and more are welcome to join your automated ctrlable world.


Integrate bluetooth devices such as sepakers, precense detction and others in you smart enviroment

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